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Top 10 best free apps for android


Google play store consists of around  1 million apps.It’s very difficult to find out the app that is required for your mobile.

Most of the apps present in the Google play store are paid but you can get the same benefits in free apps also then why we should spend money on paid apps.

Here are the top 10 best free apps for Android that we bring it for you after a lot of research and study


Truecaller is the best identity finder on this list of the best free apps for Android, it provides details such as name and location of an unknown person who is calling to your number.It gives the information of the unknown person who is far beyond from your address book.It also prevents you from spam calls and unwanted calls by notifying you.

Truecaller need internet connectivity and runs on android smoothly.The size of this app is 18 MB which is quite lightweight and doesn’t hamper your android experience.


free apps for android-truecaller

Apart from caller identification it can block the number if you want and put that number on a blacklist.Truecaller also provides the integrated social media platforms so that your address book always up to date.

Truecaller is available both for android and ios platforms.


In today’s era of technology, no one has time to read that traditional newspaper and they also don’t want to miss any kind of important news.

free apps for android-Dailyhunt newsAt present time there is alternative option to read news online but it takes some charges depending on your data plan.

Dailyhunt is one of the free apps for Android which brings you a world of news in a single app, here you can switch to any language.

This app is much lighter in size(7.61mb) than any other news app.

This app shows you the latest news that you need to know in a much shorter form which will not consume your time like that long boring articles in newspaper.You can choose any topic from the news that you are interested in the app will regularly update you with the news.

In addition, this app has an option to buy cheap ebooks in any language.The latest app for this app consists of news videos which is much more useful.

Dailyhunt app is available for android, ios, windows os, blackberry.

8.Google drive

Are you run out of memory? You don’t want to delete your stuff in order to create space on your hard disk or memory card?

So your wait is over.Google has launched its cloud service both mobile and desktop version. Google drive gives you the storage of 15Gb in google drive.Users can store there personal documents, important files and sync it to google drive.

free apps for android-google drive

You can access your google storage account from any device, if you want to upload more than 15gb there are different plans for each category up to 30 TB.

You can also share your file link with anyone.

Google drive supports both on android and ios.


Everyones want privacy in their social life as well as in their mobile phones.

You should put a lock on your important documents, pictures, apps and videos that you don’t want to show to the world.

free apps for android-APPLOCK free apps for android-APPLOCK There are plenty of app locks apps on the market but many of them either contain too many ads and can easily force stop, the good apps are very much costlier.

Applock is one of the best free apps for Android in the field of locking system that you can find in google play store.Applock has a different type of pattern and PIN lock that you can apply to any file, app, videos, pictures etc.

Another great feature of this app is that it provides different profiles for users such as kids, guest, home and many more.You can customize this profiles and allow the user to use only certain apps and content.

Some other features provided by this app are:

  • Hiding content
  • Themes
  • Power Saver
  • No advertisement
  • Applock supports on android platform

6.Google Translate

Are you one of those who is living or travelling in a non-native place and facing communication barrier.

So your wait is over. Google has launched the free app Google translator which supports over 100 different languages across the globe.

free apps for android-google translate

Here you can translate word documents, pdf & phrases.The main features of this app is that it even detect your language that you have input.

This even helps the user to improve there language can easily put their language and can see what the exact meaning of that sentence in English.

Google translator supports android and ios.



5.Mx player:

There is a default media player in android then what is the need ofree apps for android-mx playerf MX player?

This question arises to me also when I got my first android phone (back in 2013),but whenever I play high-end videos the default media player get lag and it doesn’t even support subtitles due to this I searched for tons of media players but most of them are either full of ads or consuming too much RAM, then one of my friends suggest me about MX player and I installed apps for android-mx playerAt first, I get stunned that a light weighted media player with so many features and its free.Features like zoom in/out, subtitle support, HW acceleration(used for better playback of video) are awesome.

Mx supports only on Android.

4.Tej app

TEj app is the latest app that is launched by Google to promote digital transaction in India.

TEJ app secure the fourth position in the list of top 10 free apps for android.

TEJ app is based on unified payments interface thus you can send money to any bank instantly.Your money is completely saved because this app is designed by Google multilayered protection which not many apps have.

free apps for android-tej app

A unique QR code is provided to every user through which the user can send or receive money.

The main feature of this app is that you can send or receive payments to anyone without sharing personal details.To get Rs 51 in your account install tej app from this link.

Tej app is supported on both android and ios.




You don’t need always DSLR to take professional pictures you can create the effect of DSLR even using Snapseed.

Snapseed is the app launched by Google which is act as both camera and photo editor you don’t have to install any extra photo editor app to edit the image.

free apps for android-snapseed free apps for android-snapseedSnapseed provides great user experience and has very good UI .the variety of filters and frames just take your image to another level.

Unlike other photo editing app it doesn’t take much time in rendering and most importantly the quality of the image will enhance (which most of the photo editing app don’t do).

It available for both android and ios.




Gone are those days when we are using Bluetooth for transfer of files from one device to another.

Now days sending and receive files via wifi (without internet ) is quite easy.This all can possible to share it.

free apps for android-shareit

Shareit is an app which transfers files between two devices 200x faster than Bluetooth.

You can send anything like videos, pictures, pdf etc the only thing receiver has to do is receive.

The latest update of shareit can transfer multiple files simultaneously.

Its available for android and ios.



1.Uc browser

Generally, all android phones consist of there own default browser but they have their own limitations.It is quite difficult to find a best free app for android that can fulfil the place of a browser.
free apps for android-UC browser free apps for android-uc browser

Uc browser is the best and most popular app that present in google play store.

This is not just an ordinary browser it also supports features like adblocks, fast downloading, theme changing and many more.

In addition to it, UC browser doesn’t hamper your Android user experience.

Uc browser is available for both platforms ios and android.



I hope you like this post.If you know any of the free apps for android apart from my list of Top 10 best free apps for android feel free to comment below and you can also check how to rank youtube video fast .Do not forget to share my post on social sites

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